NY-1 Rep. Lee Zeldin backs John Faso in NY-19 GOP primary
NY-1 Rep. Lee Zeldin backs John Faso in NY-19 GOP primary
February 22, 2016

via Times Union

A Republican congressman from Long Island is formally endorsing in the race to replace Rep. Chris Gibson in the Hudson Valley.

Freshman Rep. Lee Zeldin of the 1st Congressional District will endorse later Monday John Faso amid what Zeldin says are “the same disturbing tactics and smears that I had to face in my own run for Congress two years ago.”

“I’ve known John Faso for years,” Zeldin, who was part of a fundraiser for Faso last year, said in a statement. “He’s a man of great integrity and character who has been – and will continue to be – a trusted conservative voice on the major issues facing our state. John has my strong endorsement for his run for Congress because he’d be a trusted ally who will be committed to tackling a national debt that has grown to over $19 trillion, crippled our job creators and made us less safe overseas and here at home.”

Zeldin faced George Demos in the 2014 GOP primary in the 1st district on Long Island. The two lobbed shots at each other during the primary race. When Zeldin won, Newsday characterized the challenge he faced as “a relentless eight-month mail and TV onslaught from Demos, who outspent him more than 3-1.”

A consultant who worked on the Demos campaign, Rob Cole, also has ties a super PAC that has leveled attacks against Faso. Cole’s partner with consulting firm In the Field, Jake Menges, has ties to Heaney.

Zeldin, a former state senator, does not mention either man or their consulting firm by name.

In backing Faso, Zeldin not only passes over Heaney, but also Delaware County Republican Bob Bishop.

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