John Faso Welcomes Antonio Delgado to the Debate
John Faso Welcomes Antonio Delgado to the Debate
June 26, 2018

Valatie, NY –  Congressman John Faso released the following statement regarding Antonio Delgado’s victory in the Democratic Primary for Congress in the New York 19th Congressional District.

“I congratulate Mr. Delgado on his victory in the Democratic Primary Election. This November, Mr. Delgado will cast his first ever general election vote for Congress in our district after just moving here from New Jersey.  He will soon learn, as the last two Democrat candidates for Congress before him, that our neighbors do not look kindly upon candidates who have just moved into our district and presume to represent us.

I look forward to a spirited General Election campaign. I am ranked as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress, and will proudly run on my record of fighting to improve the Upstate economy, helping our farmers, protecting seniors on Social Security and Medicare, combatting the opioid epidemic and ensuring our veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned.

My opponent favors policies which would raise taxes on individuals and small businesses. In addition, my opponent favors a complete government takeover of the healthcare system, jeopardizing Medicare and eliminating employer sponsored health insurance by forcing everyone into a government plan. Lastly, my opponent is against enhanced border security and essentially favors open borders. On these issues and others, voters will have a crystal clear choice this November.”

John Faso (R-Kinderhook) was elected to Congress from the 19th Congressional District in 2016. To learn more about Faso, visit


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