Faso Campaign Runs First Contrast Ad of Election
Faso Campaign Runs First Contrast Ad of Election
October 10, 2018

‘Misleading’ Highlights Lies from Delgado and Allies on Healthcare

Valatie, NY – Faso for Congress today started running its first contrast ad of the campaign entitled ‘Misleading,’ which points out misleading claims and outright lies from the Delgado campaign and its allies. The ad specifically points out the lie told about the ‘Age Tax’ by Antonio Delgado’s campaign, the DCCC, and Nancy Pelosi’s SuperPAC.

Watch the ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7fCW1yStKk&feature=youtu.be.

“Antonio Delgado’s lie on the so-called age tax and charge that John Faso voted to take away healthcare coverage from those with pre-existing conditions, such as his own wife, are just plain wrong,” said Joe Gierut, communications director for the Faso campaign. “Even after Delgado’s own staff admitted the ‘age tax’ was willfully misleading, he still continues to use the charge. Why? It’s because he needs to distract from his and Nancy Pelosi’s plan for a government takeover of healthcare and a single-payer system.”

The television ad began running in the Albany market this morning.

Transcript of the ad is below:

John Faso: I’m John Faso and I approve this message.

Narrator: The media called it misleading, yet Antonio Delgado and his liberal allies continue their dishonest attacks on John Faso.

What’s Delgado hiding? He supports moving to a government healthcare plan that would eliminate employer paid coverage.

Forcing us all into a government run system.

Putting Washington bureaucrats in charge.

While ending Medicare as we know it for seniors.

And Delgado would double our income taxes to pay for it.

Antonio Delgado. Too dishonest. Too liberal for us.

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