Faso Releases ‘Run’ Radio Spot
Faso Releases ‘Run’ Radio Spot
May 9, 2016

Radio Ad Focuses on Opponent’s Support of President Obama, His False Political Attacks

Kinderhook, NY — May 9, 2016 … The campaign for John Faso,the endorsed Conservative, Republican, Independent and Reform candidate running for Congress in the 19th Congressional District, has released its latest round of advertisements to help dispel the barrage of false information and political attacks led by Andrew Heaney’s campaign and its related Super PAC.

In the latest advertisement called “Run,” the Faso campaign is highlighting opponent Andrew Heaney’s support of President Barack Obama — using Heaney’s own words — and his continued false attacks against Faso and his record. Listen to the 60 second radio spot here.

“False political attacks won’t bring back jobs, but I have a comprehensive plan that will,” Faso says in the ad. “We simplify the tax code. End corporate welfare. Promote small business investment. And stop Washington’s regulatory madness.”

Script below:


ANDREW HEANEY: “I did make a contribution to Barack Obama.”

ANNOUNCER: That’s New York City millionaire Andrew Heaney

who donated thousands to make Barack Obama president.

Sold his multi-million-dollar Manhattan condo,

now he’s running for Congress up here. As a Republican.

And he’s smearing John Faso with false political attacks.

New York City millionaire Andrew Heaney may want to run,

But he can’t hide from his past.

ANDREW HEANEY: “I did make a contribution to Barack Obama.”

JOHN FASO: Hi, I’m John Faso.

False political attacks won’t bring back jobs,

but I have a comprehensive plan that will:

We simplify the tax code

End corporate welfare

Promote small business investment

And stop Washington’s regulatory madness.

I’m John Faso, candidate for Congress,

I approve this message, because

false attacks won’t get our economy growing,

but I have a Jobs Plan that will.

ANNCR: Paid for by Faso for Congress.

Primary Day, Tuesday, June 28th. Vote John Faso.

The ad complements others released by the Faso campaign that are running on cable television and digital outlets throughout the district. Two other 30-second spots — called “Better Off” and “Challenge,” respectively — highlight Faso’s fiscal record of cutting taxes and closing budget deficits and outline his key reform principles to help small businesses, notably simplifying the tax code, ending corporate welfare, investing in small businesses and ending the regulatory madness coming from Washington. Both segments are aimed at distinguishing Faso from the rest of the field and will be aired leading up to the June 28 primary.

View “Better Off” here.

View the “Challenge” ad here.

Faso is running to fill the seat now held by Congressman Chris Gibson (R), who is not seeking re-election. As a member of the New York Assembly, Faso developed and pushed proposals that led to real balanced budgets – including the first reduction in state spending in decades while closing a $5 billion deficit. He championed legislation that made a difference for tens of thousands of families such as the STAR program and education and real property tax reform. A former board member of the Rockefeller Institute of Government, Faso also served for three years as a member of the Control Board that worked to fix the financial and managerial issues of the City of Buffalo and its school system.

Mr. Faso and his wife, Mary Frances, a registered nurse, are the proud parents of two children. They have lived in Kinderhook, New York, for more than three decades.

John Faso (R-Kinderhook) is former Republican leader of the state Assembly and candidate for Congress in the 19th Congressional district. To learn more about Faso, visit www.johnfaso.com.

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