Pelosi Claims Victory on Late Night Talk Show
Pelosi Claims Victory on Late Night Talk Show
October 31, 2018

Valatie, NY – Last night, Antonio Delgado financier Nancy Pelosi appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss the midterms. In the interview she proclaimed victory for Democrats, assuring viewers that the Democrats would pick up enough seats to gain control and put Pelosi in the Speaker’s chair. New York’s 19th congressional seat is essential in this mission.

  • Pelosi: “Up until today, I would have said, if the election were held today, we would win. What now I’m saying is: We will win.” (The Late Show, 10/30/18)

Thus, let’s explore the parallels between Nancy Pelosi and Antonio Delgado as they have become increasingly obvious over the past few months. While Delgado has indicated that he wouldn’t support Pelosi, the facts just don’t back up his ‘say anything’ strategy to getting elected.

“in fact, I’ve told the candidates, ‘Do whatever you have to do, just win baby.’”– House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, during a question and answer session at the Texas Tribune Festival. (Fox News, 10/02/18)

Dangerous Iran Deal
Antonio Delgado: “I would argue one of the more important diplomatic achievements that we’ve seen in some time” (“NY 19 Candidate Forum 5-12-18,” Clip begins 44:13)

“Pelosi says Iran deal ‘a diplomatic masterpiece’” (USA Today, 7/30/15)

The Iran Deal provided over $100 billion in sanctions relief to the Iranian regime, which is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Former Secretary of John Kerry admitted that money from the sanctions relief likely made its way into the hands of terrorists.

Last week, Faso for Congress released a new television ad titled ‘Dangerous.’ The ad comes on the heels of Antonio Delgado proclaiming in a recent debate that Israel is not a real Jewish Democracy.

Watch the ad here:

False Healthcare Attacks
Both Nancy Pelosi’s SuperPAC and Antonio Delgado have been using a healthcare attack centered on a so-called ‘age tax’ that was deemed misleading and ‘mostly false’ by Politifact New York, following a separate debunking from the Empire Center.

  • “However, the provision didn’t apply to those on Medicare, or people over the age of 50 with coverage through large employers. Also, it wouldn’t have affected New York seniors, as the state has prohibited insurers from charging higher rates based on age since the early 1990s. The claim contains elements of truth but glosses over details and ignores critical facts. We rate it Mostly False.” (Politifact New York, 10/03/18)
  • “The Democrats’ House Majority PAC has used the “age tax” argument against Republican candidates in at least a dozen states. In the rest of those states, it’s a misleading oversimplification of a complex policy change. In the context of New York’s insurance market, the PAC’s one-size-fits-all message turns the facts upside-down.” (Empire Center, 09/05/18)

In an editorial board meeting featuring Antonio Delgado and John Faso hosted by the Poughkeepsie Journal, Antonio Delgado twice repeated his verifiably false claim about an ‘age tax’ on seniors in New York even after it was debunked.

Faso: “The bill had no such thing as an age tax in it.”
Delgado: “It did.” (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/8/18, 28:05)

Faso: “His ad has been called false by independent fact checkers.”
Delgado: “Incorrect.” (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/8/18, 28:05)

Ads have continued to run featuring the debunked ‘age tax’ argument.

Government Run Healthcare
Antonio Delgado says a lot of different and conflicting things about healthcare, but here’s what Upstate voters know: he is for a government-run takeover of healthcare. How do they know? It’s because Antonio Delgado told them he does.

Let’s not forget that Nancy Pelosi is fully on board with government-run single-payer healthcare as well.

“‘I supported single-payer since before you were born,’ said Pelosi, who has argued since the passage of the Affordable Care Act that it could be a bridge to European-style universal coverage.” (The Washington Post, 3/26/17)

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