Rolling Stone profiles Jeff Beals’ single-payer health care scheme
Rolling Stone profiles Jeff Beals’ single-payer health care scheme
June 5, 2018

Valatie, NY –  In an online profile, Rolling Stone magazine becomes the latest outlet to examine far-left progressive Jeff Beals’ calls for a national single-payer healthcare scheme.
Beals has called passage of the single-payer scheme his “top priority.”

“Left-wing publications like Rolling Stone and liberal activists like Susan Sarandon may be embracing Jeff Beals’ single-payer health care scheme, but New York voters won’t,” Faso for Congress campaign manager Tom Szymanski said. “New Yorkers know Beals’ plan would eliminate private medical insurance, put the government in charge of their health care and cost taxpayers trillions in new taxes.”

Because of his unwavering support for single-payer health care scheme, Beals was recently endorsed by People for Bernie, a political group organized to support Sanders’ failed 2016 presidential bid, liberal activist and actor Susan Sarandon and the Justice Democrats, an organization of former Bernie Sanders staffers.
John Faso (R-Kinderhook) was elected to Congress from the 19th Congressional district in 2016. To learn more about Faso,


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