Strike Three: You’re Out
Strike Three: You’re Out
November 5, 2018

Politifact Gives Delgado and Democrats Their Third Strike on Healthcare Claims

Valatie, NY – Politifact released a fact check earlier today giving Democrats their 2nd ‘mostly false’ grade to add to a claim that was unable to be verified by the independent fact checking organization due to “too many uncertainties.”

Strike 1 – Delgado ‘Age Tax’ Claim Deemed Mostly ‘False’
CLAIM: Says U.S. Rep. John Faso “voted for an age tax on seniors.”


  • “…it wouldn’t have affected New York seniors, as the state has prohibited insurers from charging higher rates based on age since the early 1990s. The claim contains elements of truth but glosses over details and ignores critical facts. We rate it Mostly False.” (Politifact New York, 10/03/18)

Strike 2 – Politifact Unable to Give Rating to Delgado Claim due to ‘Too Many Uncertainties’
CLAIM: Did New York’s John Faso break his promise to a woman with cancer?

Rating: NONE. Too many uncertainties

  • “The facts behind the claim are intriguing, but there are too many uncertainties for us to assess it on the Truth-o-Meter. Our efforts to interview the woman in the ad were unsuccessful, so we were not able to better understand certain circumstances about her Medicaid status and past insurance coverage.” (Politifact, 10/18/18)

Strike 3 – Says New York Rep. John Faso “cast the deciding vote” to try to kill health care protections provided by Obamacare
CLAIM: Says New York Rep. John Faso “cast the deciding vote” to try to kill health care protections provided by Obamacare.


  • “To point out Faso as the singular villain or hero way overstates his role. Just as we did repeatedly on the ACA claim, we rate this claim Mostly False.” (Politifact, 11/05/18)
  • “It’s important to note this line from the fact check, which addresses the DCCC saying John Faso “cast the deciding vote to deny protections for preexisting conditions.” (Politifact, 11/05/18)
  • “Before we rule, it’s important to note that states had their own insurance rules before the ACA. New York already prohibited charging higher premiums based on health status. PolitiFact looked at this more fully when examining a related claim about Faso.” (Politifact, 11/05/18)

“Through millions and millions of dollars of attack ads, Antonio Delgado and his allies have spread misinformation and lies about John Faso’s healthcare record,” said Joe Gierut, communications director for the Faso campaign. “We are confident that voters will see through these false attacks and re-elect John Faso tomorrow.”

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